San Antonio Mold Inspections

San Antonio Mold Inspections. Keep your building and its occupants safe from mold – one of the leading indoor health hazards in the US.


San Antonio Mold Inspections

Mold has become a real issue for buildings – especially here in San Antonio. In addition to being a health hazard, mold is also very destructive to buildings, as it holds moisture, destroys surfaces, and is usually an indication of a larger, often unseen issue – moisture intrusion.

San Antonio Mold Inspections

We are San Antonio’s premier mold inspection and testing specialists. We are completely objective and provide you with the information you need to make good decisions. Part of our objectivity is the fact that we do not perform mold remediation or repairs. Our SOP forbids us from doing a mold inspection and then performing the repairs/remediation ourselves. This keeps clients from being taken advantage of. It also means that we work exclusively for you – our client. We are in your corner to make sure the remediation is done properly for you by the contractor that you choose.


MAT1182, MAT1388, and MAC1463

Our Process For

A San Antonio Mold Inspections


After we make initial contact, we begin to gather information on your building and how it is used. This helps us to determine the possible extent of issues, the possible causes, and helps us develop our plan of action.

On-site mold inspection and testing

The on-site inspection and testing is one of the most critical parts of our inspection We especially look for moisture issues, as this is usually the reason behind any mold problems. If deemed necessary, we will take samples to be analyzed by a qualified mold testing lab.

Report and Lab Results

After your mold inspection, we prepare a detailed mold inspection report. We spend a great deal of time making sure the information is accurate and comprehensive. We also include the lab’s findings and results, along with their recommendations if they have any.

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San Antonio Mold Inspections

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