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Thermal imaging is the latest in inspection technology. Thermal imaging enables us to find issues that would be missed using just a visual inspection. We can use thermal imaging for all residential and commercial applications.

Seeing what others can’t

San Antonio Thermal Imaging

We are professionally trained and certified thermal imaging specialists. Thermal imaging allows us to inspect any property more thorough than the average inspection company. Using thermal imaging allows us to see many different types of issues that would not be able to be seen by the human eye.

Residential - San Antonio Thermal Imaging

Using thermal imaging on residential properties has a number of advantages. We are able to find plumbing leaks, missing insulation, and many other issues using our professional equipment.

Commercial - San Antonio Thermal Imaging

Buying a commercial building is a risky venture for any business, but having a full thermal imaging inspection performed on your building significantly reduces your risk, liability, and potential issues that could come up.

Issues that we find on

San Antonio Thermal Imaging Inspections

Electrical Issues

Electrical Issues are some of the most important hazards that we find during an infrared inspection. Overheated wires, overloaded junction boxes, and faulty breakers are all items that can’t be “seen” without the help of infrared cameras.

Roof Leaks and Plumbing Leaks

Roof leaks and plumbing leaks can be very small or subtle at times. If they are newer leaks (or have been painted over) then they are usually not able to be seen. But since thermal imaging sees temperature differentials, these leaks become visible and able to be accurately documented.

Insulation Issues

Missing or inadequate insulation is a very common issue that we “see” during a thermal imaging inspection. This is especially helpful when there is no attic access or access behind walls. Missing insulation in any building can cost the owner thousands of dollars over time.

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