Strange Smell In Your Home or building?

San Antonio VOC Testing

If you have a strange smell in your home or commercial building, then there may be harmful chemicals. If you are purchasing a building, finding these issues is even more important. VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) should be professionally tested.

To Protect Your Health


Notice a strange smell in your home or business? Have unexplained symptoms that persist like a sore throat, watery eyes, or other flu-like symptoms? Then VOC’s may be to blame. The indoor air quality if any building is very important. Long-term health effects can occur, and without ever being detected. We offer comprehensive VOC testing to help you determine if VOC’s are affecting you and your building’s occupants.

San Antonio VOC Testing

Volatile organic compounds account for many illnesses and expensive cleanups for homeowners and businesses alike. VOC testing is a very inexpensive way to determine if you have an issue with VOC’s in your building or home. VOC’s have many sources, such as recalled furniture and building materials (these recalls or most often unknown without testing), previous chemicals left by other occupants of a building (such as dry cleaners, leather finishers, automotive companies, and more), fumes from adjacent buildings, or produced by other means. A VOC test is affordable, comprehensive, and painless to perform.

When Should You Have

San Antonio VOC Testing


Notice a Smell?

If you notice a strange odor that persists, then a VOC test is recommended. Especially when you notice this smell getting progressively worse over time, or when there are temperature changes.

Before You Buy

VOC’s are often easy to mask for a short period of time while selling a building. To be sure your future building does not have any issues with harmful VOC’s, be sure to have your home or building tested before purchasing it.

Ongoing Symptoms

If you have unexplained and ongoing symptoms, then VOC testing may be right for you. VOC’s leave a person sick, but without any real explanation why unless you have your home or building professionally tested.

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