San Antonio Well Water Testing

Water is life, so clean water is important. We provide comprehensive well water testing in the greater San Antonio area.


San Antonio Well Water Testing

Whether it is your home or your business, having clean water is critical for the health of building occupants. Even taking health issues out of the picture, there is still building damage and maintenance. Hard water, water that is too acidic, and other issues can increase building maintenance cost and create a host of issues. Be sure to have your water professionally tested by us.

San Antonio Water Testing

We use the best and latest in the water testing industry to provide you a complete view of what your water is doing and the possible contaminants that may exist in it.

Whether you worry about bacterial contaminants, lead, chemicals, or other issues, we have a test that will cover you. We use professionally certified labs and follow the strictest testing standards.

What We Do

San Antonio Water Testing



A bacterial test is the basics of what we perform with most buildings, as it is the most immediate health concern. E coli and total coliform are indicators of water issues and water borne diseases.

Nitrites, Nitrates, and Lead

Nitrites and nitrates are issues that we can test for. While they exist in man foods, there are limits in water, and there are other issues that happen if you have elevated nitrites and nitrates in your drinking water. Lead is an obvious health concern, and we can test for this as well.

Other Issues

There are many other tests we can perform and issues we can find. Turbidity, petroleum contamination, acidity, hardness, and many other tests are available upon request.

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San Antonio Well Water Testing


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