There are some major differences between home use and commercial use in every aspect of a building, but there are also quite a few similarities. For example, while plumbing in a store gets a lot more use than one in a home, the same issues crop up.

The problem with a public bathroom is that people will do things that they would never do at home. For example, while a person might be careful about what he flushes down the toilet in his own home, he might not care when he uses a bathroom in a store. This is why proper maintenance is very important in a commercial setting. Many stores will have a cleaning schedule posted for their bathrooms, and the cleanings should include checking that the toilets are running properly, as well as, checking for any leaks that need to be addressed. A bathroom that is dirty with malfunctioning plumbing fixtures could turn away a potential customer, so it is good to be proactive with your bathroom care.

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