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San Antonio Lead Paint Inspections

Commercial and residential lead testing and assessments to keep building occupants healthy.


Lead Paint Inspections

Lead Paint is a serious health issue, and there are strict requirements on how the testing and remediation of it should be handled. We are a fully licensed and certified lead testing and assessment company that can provide you with the information you need.

San Antonio Lead Inspections

Lead inspections are defined by the EPA as a surface by surface inspection of any given property. The goal of a lead inspection is to determine if lead paint is present in a child occupied building. This can apply to many different building types, such as homes, daycares, hotels/motels, and more.

San Antonio Lead Risk Assessments

Lead risk assessments are different than lead inspections. A lead risk assessment is a more detailed and comprehensive investigation for not only the presence of lead, but also the type present, the severity of the issue, and the location of the lead-based paint hazards. A lead risk assessment not only determines the presence in painted surfaces, but also takes into account lead dust in the building or home, and also in the soil and other areas.

When You Need

A San Antonio Lead Paint Inspection

During a Renovation

If you own a building that you are remodeling, this is the time for a lead paint inspection. This is especially important if it is a residence, such as a home, rental property, or other occupied building.

When purchasing a Building

There are many risks to purchasing a building, but few are more heart wrenching and costly than a lead paint issue if it is undiscovered. Be sure to get a lead paint inspection when purchasing any building.

Before there is an issue

It is always a good time to test your building for lead paint. Don’t wait until someone is sick, there is a complaint, or there is some other serious issue. Have your building or home tested for lead today.

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