Many businesses don’t only have a building to care for, they also have a parking lot that needs upkeep. What are some things to keep an eye out for to make sure that your parking lot is in good shape and a place where your customers will want to leave their car?

The entrance to your parking lot is very important. Some parking lots don’t have a clearly defined entrance and exit causing confusion for customers pulling in, potentially causing accidents. If the entrance has a large bump, it might discourage those with low cars from pulling in and risk

 scraping. To allay confusion, it might be necessary to have signs letting you know where the entrance and exit are located. If your parking lot is used late in the day, you should also have adequate lighting.

Having bushes and trees blocking a driver’s view at the exit can also pose a hazard. You should keep the markings refreshed regularly so that it isn’t confusing where to park, especially so when it comes to parking for those with disabilities.

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