If your business generates a lot of fine dust, then it is possible that you have a baghouse, also known as a fabric collector, to clean the dust out of the air that your customers and employees breathe.

The process used to clean the air is fairly simple, and has been around for half a century. The contaminated air is pulled into the baghouse through ducts and ends up in the funnel shaped container called a hopper. From there, the air runs through filter bags and is then discharged through the exhaust. The dust that is filtered out will build up on the outside of the bags over time, and lessen the effectiveness of the baghouse, so these need to be cleaned off in regular intervals. If there are visible emissions outside the baghouse, it is possible that a bag has torn and needs to be replaced. If the ducts clog up, it will make it more difficult for the system to operate well, so regular inspections of the ducts are necessary.