As a business owner, you are probably concerned about the power that you are paying for every month. This usually ends up being one of the major expenses for businesses, but could it be that you are paying for more than you think you are? There are many reasons why you might have an unusual power-draw in your business. For example, a malfunctioning appliance might appear to work, but it could use a lot more power than it was designed to. It is also possible that old appliances just aren’t very efficient and need to be replaced. To find out where you have your biggest problems, thermal imaging can help.

Checking your circuit breaker can help you identify what circuit has high loads. Since they will heat up, thermal imaging will give you a clear picture of the problem. Knowing what circuit carries a large load will tell you where you can find connected appliances that should be checked. A thermal scan of the appliances in question is going to show you possible hotspots that could indicate a problem.

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