As the owner of a rental property, it is important to care for the safety of your tenants. This will make your tenants feel more comfortable living there, and it will improve their view of the property.

The more difficult you can make it for criminal elements to operate successfully in and around your property, the less likely they are to be attracted there.

Having good and sturdy locks on doors will be a good deterrent for criminals.. If there is a front door in an apartment building, it is important to control access to keys. Help tenants to see why they should be careful to keep close watch on their personal keys.

Having adequate lighting will also discourage crime. This is true both around the building, as well as, in any adjacent parking areas. If it is difficult for a thief to sneak up to a car unnoticed, he is less likely to attempt a break-in.

If it is something you can afford, an alarm system is a very good deterrent. Cameras and alarms installed around the perimeter of your property can easily be monitored from a central location.