With touchless bathroom fixtures becoming more and more common in public places, have you ever thought about installing them in the bathroom of your business? There are many pros to installing touchless bathroom fixtures. With less touching of the controls of the bathroom fixtures, germs aren’t spread as easily. It makes the bathrooms easier to clean since there aren’t as many moving parts to the fixtures. Those that use the bathroom get the impression that it is cleaner, which in turn can give a more positive impression of your business. You will save on bathroom supplies such as paper towels and soap by measuring out an appropriate amount for use.

On the downside, some people are leary of automated fixtures, feeling that they lose control over things. If touchless fixtures fail for some reason, they can be more expensive to repair, and according to some research, the complex plumbing that some of these fixtures have could lead to increased bacteria growth, negating the health benefits of limiting touch. All in all, there are many things to consider before you make the decision to switch to touchless fixtures.

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