When you think about dust, you might consider this a minor issue, but in fact, for many businesses, dust can cause all kinds of trouble. It can range from the bad impression left by merchandise being covered by dust to serious health issues caused by breathing in fine dust.

Any type of dust can definitely cause issues like coughing and sneezing, but if the dust is very fine, it can actually cause problems such as fibrosis and lung cancer. It is near to impossible to keep your commercial buildings cleaned the same way you would a private home, but there are many methods for minimizing the impact dust has on your buildings and the people living or working in them.

Your greatest allies in the fight against dust are filters. Make sure that any filters you have in your building are replaced on a regular schedule to make sure they operate properly. You should also make sure that proper ventilation is set up throughout your buildings. If you have machinery that generates a lot of dust, fans should be venting this outside the building, well away from any air intakes.