It is important to perform a thorough electrical inspection when going through a commercial inspection. This is because most businesses today rely on an efficient electrical system. Electrical issues are one of the most significant concerns when inspecting a commercial property. Many electrical problems are discovered during an inspection, including those that pose a risk of electrocution or fire.

Incorrectly Wired Switches: Electrical switches are inspected during a home inspection. This could be a major fire hazard if these switches are poorly or improperly connected. A faulty switch won’t correctly perform its intended function and could end up causing arcing which is likely to start a fire.

Defective GFCI Receptacles: GFCI receptacles are essential to protecting everyone from electrical shock when using electrical devices near water. They’re typically found near faucets, sinks, and drains. They are also used outside of buildings.

To ensure they aren’t safety hazards, GFCI outlets should be tested regularly to see if they’re functioning properly.

Incorrectly Buried Wiring: For underground electrical cables and wires, it’s important to bury these cables deep enough so they won’t get damaged or pose a danger to the public. Sometimes electrical lines intended to run underground are exposed because they weren’t buried deep enough.

Electrical Service Panel Issue:  Electrical panels are the circuit breakers from which power runs through each circuit running through a building. When a breaker is damaged it is a serious issue. Electrical panels are thoroughly inspected during an inspection to ensure the electrical system is functional and reliable. If an electrical panel needs to be replaced, replacing it may get costly depending on the age of the existing panel.

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