What do you have for lighting in your retail store? There are many different options to choose from. Incandescent, Halogen, Fluorescent, and LED lights are those most commonly used, and they all have different pros and cons. Having the right type of lighting can actually have a huge impact on your business, since it can change the atmosphere, as well as help your customers find what they need.

Incandescent lights are the cheapest option, but they do waste a lot of energy due to heat. They also provide a warmer light that helps you to see colors.

Halogen bulbs use less energy, but they also have a shorter life span.

LED lights are more expensive, but their extremely long lifespan more than makes up for the upfront cost, as well as a much lower running cost.

Fluorescent lighting is very common in many retail stores, and they have fairly low energy consumption and a long life span, but the light they provide is not very pleasant.

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