Many businesses choose to install rubber flooring. There are many reasons why rubber flooring is advantageous. It is very durable, and could last longer than the building itself. Rubber flooring can be made from recycled tires, and is therefore very good for the environment, especially considering the large amounts of scrap tires that are generated each year. It is naturally slip resistant and easy on the joints, so it makes for a safe workplace. It also provides sound insulation, which is beneficial in a noisy work environment. Rubber is anti-static, so it works well for areas where static shock could harm electronics.

There are some downsides, however. If you choose to go with rubber tiles, which are easy to install and replaceable, you do run the risk of moisture leaking down the seams and damaging the subfloor.

Light and heat can make the rubber oxidize and then become brittle, and certain substances and chemicals can soften or stain it. Some also find the odor of rubber unpleasant.

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