Water heaters have been around for a long time, and the design has been improved on a bit, but there haven’t been any huge differences in the basic functionality. They still include a large tank that contains water that is kept heated for your use. This water can run out, leaving you without hot water for a while, and it wastes energy to keep this water constantly at a certain temperature. As a business owner, this probably doesn’t make any sense to you, so you might want to consider an alternative called a tankless water heater.

These devices can be installed right next to a sink and provide instant hot water when the faucet is turned on. This means that there is no need to constantly keep the water heated when it isn’t in use, and it eliminates the wait while the water is heating up, which can be very long for locations far away from the water heater.

Of course there will be a higher initial cost for installation, especially if you have to install these devices in many locations, but you will soon see savings once they have been in use for a while.

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