So many businesses today offer free WiFi to their customers. While this is not always a great selling point, it can definitely make a visit more pleasant for your customers, and thus leaving them with a good feeling about your business.

So if you decide to provide WiFi, what should you take into consideration?

Your first concern should be safety. For some this might seem like an obvious point, but you should never just let customers connect to your company WiFi. This would offer an easy entry point for hackers and other cyber-criminals to access a lot more than you planned. Unless you have knowledgeable IT staff, you might want to consult an IT professional to do the setup for a public WiFi.

You also need to decide on what type of access you want to offer. You can set limit on the time a user can stay connected, how much data they can download and what websites and services they can use. You will need to make a decision that will fit your business model the best.