It is impossible to have a successful rental property without tenants. In a way, your tenants are an investment, so keeping them safe should be important to you. If a tenant were to be hurt, there is also a possibility of a lawsuit, as well as bad press. This is why you should do all you can to make sure the building and its surroundings are in the best shape possible. You can have an inspector check out your building, or you could do a personal walk-through with the everyday activities of your tenants in mind. Where might they get hurt if not paying attention? Are there trip hazards in stairways or on walkways? Are there exposed wires on electrical fixtures? Are there objects that jut out where someone walking by could hit their head? If any problems are found they should be remedied.

With colder weather, it is also important to clear walkways and parking lots regularly, as well as salting or sanding to keep people from slipping.

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