At your place of business, you might have firewalls to prevent fire from spreading unhindered throughout the building. However, where there are utility cables and pipes passing through the firewall, there might be open space through which fire could spread. To prevent this, firestops should be used. A firestop could consist of firestop mortar, fire-rated sheetrock, sheet metal or other materials that have firestopping characteristics.

The problem is, sometimes electricians or plumbers might remove firestops when pulling new utilities through a firewall. If they don’t replace the material, your firewall is now compromised and will not work as intended. There is also a risk that firestops are installed improperly. It should be of sufficient thickness and cover both sides well.

Whenever you have someone working on anything that requires them to make any type of modifications that could alter the fire wall’s ability to halt fire, you should make sure that it is remedied as soon as possible.