If you own a retail store, you probably have a lot of shelving units to accommodate your merchandise. While most stores will just have straight aisles parallel to each other, this is not necessarily the most efficient way to make use of your floorspace. There are many alternative floor-plans that can be used to guide customers through your store. When planning out how you want your store to be set up, you should take the time to consider what type of customers you are expecting. Will they be browsing around, looking at the items, or do they want to just come in, get what they need and leave?

It is also important to have sufficient space in between displays. Research has shown that customers will stop looking at an item they are interested in if they are in a location where they keep getting bumped or brushed up against by other customers. You should also make sure that your shelving is sturdy. While you might not think that you have heavy items on the shelves, you need to consider the combined weight of all the items placed on a shelf.

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