For many businesses, especially those in the food industry, rodents can be a very serious problem. It’s a problem that isn’t made any better by the way food can be stored in large areas that are difficult to control and seal up properly. Here are a few signs that there might be rodents hiding in your facility.

If you find shreddings of fabric or paper, it might be traces of a rodent gathering supplies for a nest.

If there are scratch marks around cracks and small holes on the property where the rodents gained entry.

Collections of seeds or other edibles that are gathered in hiding places.

Musky smells from secluded areas.

If you find any of these signs on your property, it is time to get the help of a professional exterminator to eliminate the problem. Rodents that find a good home can multiply very quickly. Sometimes there are several litters born each year, and this could lead to an enormous population in a short time.

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