Finding mold in your business is not a good thing. Besides the obvious risks to yours and your employee’s health, there are also customers to consider. Some types of mold can have very serious side effects. But how are you going to get a sample to send to a lab? There is a very simple method that you could do yourself that will get all the information a lab needs to let you know the type of mold that you’re dealing with, how serious the infestation is, and whether it isn’t actually mold at all.

By using a piece of scotch tape and a plastic bag, you can accomplish these things in a few minutes, and the method is non-invasive as well, which is good if the mold is found on something that is valuable.

By pressing the tape firmly against the surface, you will pick up a large number of mold spores. By attaching the tape to the inside of the plastic bag, you can seal it up and mail it in to a lab for analysis.

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